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hug loved ones from thousands of miles away.


who is Pari?

Pari is the face of Parihug! A huggable, plush creature, Pari helps connect you to your loved ones by letting you hug from across the world.


the perfect hugger.

Pari was designed with the ergonomics of hugging in mind. With a big snout that wraps around the shoulder and a squishy tummy, Pari is perfectly shaped to fit any hug.


so, how does this work?

we like to think of it as magic


You and a loved one each have your own Pari.

Simply give Pari a squeeze, and the Pari on the other end with provide a soothing haptic vibration to let your loved one know you're thinking of them! With Pari on each end, thousands of miles, even for a moment, can feel like none.


choose your Pari!


Whether you're a child, traveling parent, or seasoned hug-connoisseur, there's a Pari for you.

Big Pari

The full-sized original Pari plush with the ability to directly send and receive hugs. Big Pari is best for someone who stays at home most of the time. Big Pari does not require the app to send a hug.

little Pari

A quarter of the size with the same amount of heart, Little Pari is the perfect travel-sized companion for those on-the-go. Little Pari does not detect or send hugs on its own, but comes with a code to enable hugging with the Parihug app.

*Pari not shown to scale.


hug anyone you miss!

Hug grandpa whether he's in the same room or across the country. Pari's range is near limitless!

the Parihug app

the bridge between Pari and the world

 *featured mockup will differ from final app design

*featured mockup will differ from final app design

kid friendly

Simple and easy to use for children ages 3 and up! Our app is safe and does not share personal info. Review our privacy policy here.

stay connected

Keep in touch with loved ones anywhere in the world: hug one another, send video and text chats, and see each other's location.

always free

The Parihug app is free and always will be! Connect a Pari to make the most of its features.

Parihug in the press

we're not the only ones excited about Pari



"As a mom on the go, I love this product!"

— Jennifer Jolly, USA Today

love Pari?

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