very frequently asked questions

What animal is Pari?

Pari is a Pari! Scientists like to call them paribus huggus,which roughly translates to "hug sender". Pari is not based on any extant or extinct animal, and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

Are you sure? Pari really looks like a aardvark/hippo...

Yes. Pari's closest genetic relative is the teddy bear.

Is Parihug only for children?

Parihug is suitable for anyone who misses someone ages three and up, and perfect for family members around the globe, military families, long-distance couples, and grandparents. If you like hugs, then Parihug is right for you.

When will it be available?

Parihug successfully raised $55,000 on Kickstarter on April of 2017 and will be shipping soon! We are currently accepting pre-orders for our next round of manufacturing. Sign up on our mailing list to stay updated!

How much will it cost?

Our presale price is $75 for just one Pari, discounted to $140 for two. 

Do you need to buy two?

You need to purchase two Pari, one for each end of communication. After connecting a Pari, users can hug using the app if they are unable to travel. Little Pari can be connected to a big Pari, but two little Pari cannot communicate with one another.

What devices are supported by the Parihug app?

The app currently supports phones and tablets with iOS 10, with Android support coming in the future.

Is Pari TSA approved?

Pari loves to fly and does not use lithium-ion/polymer batteries and can be packed in checked or carry-on baggage without any problem!

How do you wash Pari?

Remove the electronics and toss Pari in the washing machine! To ensure the integrity of Pari's stuffing, air drying is recommended. Some Pari fans have said they have had luck putting Pari in a pillowcase and then using the dryer, but we make no promises. 

What languages are supported?

The Parihug app is currently in English and has Spanish, French, and Mandarin support coming soon. (expected early 2018)

What is the difference between big and little Pari?

Big Pari contains the electronics necessary to send and receive hugs independently. When you hug big Pari, it is detected by the plush itself. When big Pari receives a hug, it vibrates gently. Little Pari is a smaller companion that does not contain electronics and cannot send and receive hugs itself. Little Pari contains a code to allow users to send and receive hugs from the app alone. A button that can detect the intensity of a press is used to send the hug, and the receiving hug is expressed as a gentle vibration of the phone.

Which Pari is best for me?

Big Pari is always recommended for those who want the full Pari experience: seamless hugging interaction with the plush. However, we realize that bringing a full-sized plush on the road might be difficult for those parents who travel often, so with size considerations in mind, we recommend little Pari for frequent fliers.